Rita Palmer

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New Zealand Principal's Testimonials

South Makirikiri School

Principal  South Makirikiri School

I have worked with Rita over the last couple of years in the area of literacy. Rita brings a vast array of expert knowledge that she delivers in a manner that is both passionate and informative. Experience as a classroom teacher and school leader ensure she stems from a practical base that is well supported by teaching and learning theory. Rita happily modelled in the classroom, met one-to-one with staff, and then lead a Cluster Teacher Only Day to three combined schools. This reflects the flexibility and depth of knowledge that only comes through a total commitment the teaching profession. Our staff are looking forward to having Rita back. I would personally like to recommend her to all schools that are seeking expert literacy development from a passionate and dedicated learner.


Koputoroa School

Principal Koputoroa School

Rita presented at our combined Cluster Teacher Only Day and she was highly engaging and informative; she tailored the workshop brilliantly to our needs. Rita provided practical activities and lessons which could be readily used in the classroom to maximise student learning and engagement. Rita is a literacy guru and has a wealth of knowledge and experience from which to draw on. When we asked our staff if they wanted Rita back for further PD, the answer was a resounding 'yes'!




Principal Pukehou School

Principal Pukehou School

Just a note to say how buzzy my teachers are since they attended your course a couple of weeks ago! They have all taken things on board and are talking nonstop about the different ideas you gave them. Thank you so much.



Taradale Primary School

Marty – Principal Taradale Primary School

A large part of our extensive success in raising the levels of literacy, particularly in the realm of reading comprehension, can be laid at the feet of Rita Palmer. Her ability to increase levels of staff pedagogy, encourage collegial reflection and promote best practice has made an incredible difference to achievement and professionalism.


Puketapu School

Chris Principal Puketapu School

Rita has made a significant contribution to the development of writing throughout the whole school. Her knowledge and understanding of how children acquire literacy skills has helped us to reflect and change our practices resulting in improved outcomes for the students.

Rita supports, cajoles, encourages and nurtures staff. Her precise messages are delivered with clarity and have empowered the teachers to deliver quality writing programmes to the children.


Halcombe School

Sue Simpson – Principal , Halcombe School

Rita has worked with both children and staff in our school on thinking skills and strategies and how to get children thinking creatively. We absolutely loved having Rita here and still often refer to the work she did with us. She’s  just magic – so positive and inspiring.


Havelock North Primary School

Paul Bremer - Principal  - Havelock North Primary School

I have worked with Rita Palmer for a number of years.

Firstly as an expert in the skills of Reading and Writing. Rita has worked with all our teachers to improve the teaching of reading. Rita has a quiet, supportive way with the staff as she works along side them coaching, nurturing, guiding and mentoring them to grow their skills. She gives very clear and precise messages and the teachers enjoy her approach.  They are encouraged in a positive way to develop their pedagogy to meet their student needs.  I thoroughly recommend Rita to work in your school, with both teachers or students. The progress at any level is impressive.


Havelock North Intermediate

Graham Ellis - Havelock North Intermediate

Rita’s Literacy advisory role with our staff over the past two years has contributed significantly to our improved Literacy results